Thank you for an amazing day!

WOW! What a day. I can’t even begin to put into words how I’m feeling right now. A massive thank you to EVERYONE who was involved, attended, tweeted or posted messages about the event.

I’m welling up (again) just thinking about what we have achieved and some of the amazing conversations that have been started.

You seriously have no idea what it feels like to see an idea which you have dreamt about surpassing every possible expectation and becoming something that was so much more than I could have ever hoped for.

Thank you all for all your kind messages, texts, tweets and emails. If I don’t have the chance to reply to you personally I do apologise the response has been overwhelming.

To everyone who gave up their time – the amazing students from Bath College who were fantastic all day. Our keynote speakers. Amazing performers at the end (yes Zenith you got me and made my eyes water) and to all the volunteers who helped in any way! From the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you, thank you.

And to my amazing Theatre Bath team – for trusting in my crazy ideas and putting up with me (not an easy job I can assure you). Much love to all of you.

And let this be a reminder – if you have a dream or something that you want to achieve YOU CAN and DO have the power to make it happen, to make it a reality. I feel so inspired by everything and still a little dazed by exactly what we’ve achieved today.

Footage will be posted online soon as will copies of the keynote speeches.

Thank you all so much.

Here’s to next year!

Luke x

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