The Breaking Boundaries Conference Is Here

2 Unique Days. An amazing line up of speakers. A local event with national themes.

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Theatre Bath proudly presentsBreaking Boundaries Poster


“Congratulations to all involved in the Bath Theatre Matters conference today. Such an important & brilliant initiative. Bravo!” 


Following on from the success of last year’s Bath Theatre Matters Conference, Theatre Bath invites you to join us to break down some boundaries, network and debate the future of the arts in Bath.

This year sees the conference taking place on Saturday 11 October and a unique Open Space event on Sunday 12 October.


Saturday 11 October

The first conference day featuring a whole host of amazing speakers and panellists including: 

  • Emmanuel de Lange from Equity,
  • Andy Burden, Director of the Natural Theatre Company,
  • Jill Bennett from the Theatre Royal Bath’s Engage Programme
  • Dr Carol Chapman from the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine
  • Catherine Comerford from The Stage Newspaper
  • Oliver Jones, Director of Creativity Works and Associate Director of Trestle Theatre Company.

Also featuring performers from:



Performance Poetry slots from local performers:

Toby Thompson and Jane McLeod


‘A conference? This event felt a little different…full of passionate, vibrant people, it transcends into an engaging and challenging discussion’ 

Review of The Bath Theatre Matters Conference

Are the arts in a rut? How much of an impact will Local Authority and Arts Council funding cuts have on organisations? Is it right or wrong that you should be expected to work for free and what rights do you have to protect you as an individual? Is enough being done to support actors with mental health and anxiety issues? Are amateur, community and youth dirty words?

This conference is open to anyone with an interest in theatre and we encourage you all to join the debates, network and discuss the future of theatre and the arts in Bath.


Sunday 12 October

What Do We Want For The Future Of The Arts In Bath?

Conversations on innovating and evolving the arts


  • Who should fund creative work in Bath?
  • What more can we do to support emerging individuals and companies?
  • Are amateur, community and youth dirty words?
  • How can we promote more equal opportunities in the arts?
  • How can we as artists contribute to Local Authority plans for the arts?
  • How do we engage more young people in the arts?
  • Should we be paid fairly for the work we do?


Join us for this unique Open Space event where you provide the questions and collectively we hold open discussions to try and find solutions that could benefit everyone.

You are the most important people at this event and it is you who hold the power to initiate change and open up discussions on the arts in Bath.

This Open Space event has been initiated as a response to feedback from last year’s conference where many people commented they would like the opportunity to discuss things in more detail. This is that opportunity.

The Open Space Mantra:

  • Whoever comes are the right people.
  • Wherever it happens is the right place.
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
  • Whenever it starts is the right time.
  • When it is over, it is over.

THE ONE LAW of OPEN SPACE is THE LAW OF TWO FEET or THE LAW OF MOBILITY: If at any time you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing use your two feet to take yourself where your time will be better spent – only you know where this is.

During an Open Space you might see “bumble bees” going from group to group spreading and connecting ideas, or “butterflies” hanging out at the coffee stall or random places doing very little except having great conversations. All this collective activity adds up to a system of self-organization that is highly creative and effective at dealing with real issues in a remarkably efficient way.
This description of Open Space is the copyright of Improbable Theatre Company. All Rights Reserved.

For more information on Open Space Technology (OST) why not visit the fabulous website set up by Improbable Theatre Company who host many Open Space Events throughout the world. They are a truly brilliant company and leaders in the Open Space Sphere.

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