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Brian Madigan has a long track record scoring to picture and other visual media. He has worked with some big names in the industry: award-winning film & TV director Iain B McDonald, award-winning CG animator Paul Smith and acclaimed theatre directors Andy Burden and Jon Nicholson, among others. Brian has also supplied music for a range of big-brand advertising clients – including Wilkinson Sword, Shell, Comfort, Nestle, Kit Kat and Felix – and is the UK’s leading provider of music for Dance education.

As a performer, Brian has worked in everything from pit orchestras to punk bands; this live experience adding great depth to his musical understanding and helping to inform his composition. Currently Brian performs solo as ‘a Band named Brian’ and plays drums and percussion in a variety of other groups and ensembles.

Brian has worked as visiting lecturer at Bath Spa University and provided music-for-picture workshops for the Diploma in Creative Media in Wiltshire. He has run music improvisation workshops in a number of settings, including theatre summer-schools, Dance courses and for volunteer workers in Africa.

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Think Billy Bragg meets Johnny Cash with Jon Otway doing the introductions and Levellers shouting abuse from the shadows. Brian’s performance style is direct, open and engaging. He speaks from the heart and lays himself bare before his audience – leading them through tales of love, loss, celebration and psychosis, then pricking their social conscience with a twinkle in his eye.

“Like an Acoustic/Folk version of Tom Lehrer; good tunes, funny lyrics and intelligence.”

“Ballroom-blitz meets the levellers with a sprinkling of Neil Innes.”

“Great... lyrics are quite stand alone, in the tradition of Bob Dylan”

“Wit and wisdom indeed.”

“Middle Class Blues was like reliving my life in three and a half minutes.”

“...Love Cashier - makes me laugh after a bad day”

“Many people write songs – Brian gives birth to them – they're that personal.”


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