Dan Martin – Dancer & Choreographer

 Daniel Martin – Dancer

Dan first started Bboying over 8 years ago after being at risk of exclusion and having a one – off chance meeting with Director of Mentoring Plus Jamie Luck, being offered to take time off school to go to The Egg Theatre and try new artistic skills.

Jamie Luck has been supporting Dan for over 8 years, and still does to this day help nurture Dan’s talents and pushing Dan in the right direction to be the most successful person he can be.

Dan went on to train at Swindon Dance Youth Dance Academy, a Centre for Advanced Training studying Urban and was there for 3 years. This was one of the very best places Dan has ever trained at for Dance.

Being at Swindon Dance Youth Dance Academy, led Dan to gain experience performing at many events throughout the years and to also study Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

Through Swindon Dance Youth Dance Academy’s help and incredible support, led him to audition successfully and train in professional Ballet and Contemporary Dance at Northern School of Contemporary Dance & London Contemporary Dance School. Two of the biggest institutions in the UK, giving him the most unique skill set a dynamic, versitile dancer could possibly acquire.
Dan has been on the breakin’ scene for many years and is one of the biggest, most influential dancers in the city.

He is a member of the Physical Jerks bboying Company, who have won many battles around Europe and continue to perform all over the UK.

Dan has an extremely enjoyable character and thrives on passing on as much knowledge and experience as he can while continuing to develop himself in every way possible in order to help others to reach there true potential to the very best of their ability.

Dan’s charismatic, energetic and unique presence he brings to performances and workshops are what sets him apart from the rest.