Feedback from delegates submitted via anonymous feedback forms:

24 Delegates left us feedback:


Very Satisfied: 16

Satisfied: 6

Unsure: 2


What did you like about the event?

  • Excellent joining of all the creative industries/ people within the area, greatly energising.
  • Range of discussion and passion of both speakers and audience members.
  • Great to put a diverse group together and discuss tricky issues
  • Great speakers. Welcoming atmosphere. Fruit provided!
  • Lots of stimulating talks and info. Friendly vibe for meeting others.
  • Very informative.
  • So many different organisations brought together to discuss a shared cause.
  • Liked Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire in one space
  • Feeding of the mind
  • Sharing real experiences and convergent aspirations
  • It was great to meet other like minded people. The event was extremely well run and a joy to attend
  • Much improved since last event – really well time managed, mix of talks, networking
  • The support, open discussions, information
  • Variety of people in the room and openess of opinions
  • The variety of subjects, people involved. The openess of the discussions. The organisation of the event
  • Open, friendly, informative
  • Sense of community, able to find out about people’s organisations, networking opportunities
  • Being able to meet locally and foucs on local issues
  • Good accessibility, open friendly, pay what you can, loved the ethos of the right people at the right time
  • Inspiring because of the range of creativity in Bath and area that it highlighted. I liked that it was very mch the majority female, but in no way female ‘dominated’
  • Talks and discussions and the bits inbetween. I really liked the performers
  • The event accessibility and inclusion, informality, professionalism plusplus a wide range of speakers
  • Variety of speaker
  • s, possibility for discussion
  • Focus of collaboration between different art-forms. Fantastic breadth of representation from all aspects of the arts and approaches to Bridging the Gaps


What Did You Dislike About The Event?

  • Little bit hot
  • Be good to have more ‘diverse’ speakers when covering equality in the arts
  • The regional middle section didn’t work for me
  • Lack of breaks – lack of clarity beforehand e.g lunch
  • Too much being talked at. Longer on open forum would have been great
  • Felt like it was lots of individual histories with little chance for discussion/overlap.
  • Key players not here – TRB, Council, Pound Arts
  • Quite a long day of talks, perhaps a few more discussion points
  • Maybe the choice of venue was a little limited
  • It was a bit too hot for me
  • Ignoring maintaining a career in the arts as a performer/musician/dancer. Think layers
  • Needs to be more linked to the overall theme, with the speakers moving beyond who you are and what you do
  • A couple of speakers – hard to follow their presentations (speaking too quickly). Would have liked to see an acting performance
  • Having to sit for so long on a hard seat
  • The chairs and the heat


Other Comments

  • Thank you for an excellent day
  • Another inspirational forum from Theatre Bath. New knowledge and connections made
  • Real formentation will come from today
  • Go Theatre Bath! Thanks for bringing us all together
  • Venue great (but too hot). Well done Theatre Bath, thank you
  • And quote on poster from ‘WestEndProducer’: I am excited by a local regional scene, not apsiring to be London.
  • Great venue, great company!
  • Thank you Theatre Bath
  • Well done!
  • Really loved what you are doing. Artists need you. Keep it up!
  • Thank you for your on-going commitment to make us connect, think, challenge and remember why we do what we do!
  • Speakers saying less words, more work on pace of presentation. Take a leaf out of TED talks maybe
  • Delegate list would be great so follow up contact can be made
  • We need a good level of candidness Andy Burden was the nearest on this today
  • More breakout sessions
  • Collaboration inspires optimism. Well done
  • Long may you run!
  • Needs following up! How do we get all arts sectors to work together? Not jut performing arts