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Comments from the Guest Book – Breaking Boundaries 2014

Very important event – needs to be attended by more people & those big hitters who should be supporting/investing in the arts – where’s the MP? – Chris G


A much needed event in Bath. Theatre Bath is creating a platform for all of the arts to communicate and prosper from each other.  – Jack Opie


As a members of the public and engaging, fascinating and important event.  – Douglas Looman


A brilliant conference. As a student I’ve learned so much more about the industry. The amount of people allowed an open discussion with a relaxed atmosphere. Awesome!  – Tommy Roberts


Fantastic day. Full of great ideas, great people and loads of advice. Fired up now. Can’t wait for the next one. Well done Theatre Bath. – Maria Cassidy


Excellent day – really enthusiastic, vibrant conversations and a genuine will to develop new bonds. – Jill Bennett


Brilliant day. Lots of good ideas being aired. Let’s hope they can be followed up. (Do ask me again).  – Dr Carol Chapman


Excellent day. Good speakers, good content, good company. Do it again! – Peter Salt


Fantastic, informative and inspiring. A great day. – Charlotte Claydon


An invaluable opportunity for me as a third year student to meet others, not only from my University who I’d never meet but professionals who have enhanced my ideas for my dissertation. – Daniel Seath


Thoroughly informative and interesting day. Good stuff. – Leo Clasen


Thank you so much – great chats/discussion topics. Get more people in here! I hope we can continue these discussions outside the walls of the conference.  – Katy Jane


Once again – informative, questioning and enlightening. Thank you! – Jon Monie


Great day – very current & good to be a part of. Well done! – Joanna Courtnay


Stimulating, illuminating and invigorating! Many thanks. – Andy Burden


More things like this please! Where more Bath theatre people can get together :) Good job! – Pippa Thornton


Ditto to the more of this please. Great stuff and glad there’s a day for more discussion. – Katie Monks


Well done. Great day again and hopefully leads to some good ideas being implemented.  – Paul Aubin


The discussion aspect was fantastic. It was surprisingly easy to make a point without fear of judgement and a great way to break the ice and meet new people.  – Ashley Shiers



Great discussions going on. Big thank you to Luke and the Theatre Bath team for organising the conference.  – Pippa Gladhill, Freelance Writer


So many ideas and discussions going on today – being inspired. – Anonymous


Very interesting – Carenza Elley


Arrived late but very stimulating and encouraging. Lynda Rooke

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