Kirsty Hoyle – Include Arts

kirsty01Kirsty Hoyle (Director, Include Arts, UK) 

Include Arts is a training and consultancy organisation, founded by Kirsty Hoyle, which specialising in arts and disability. We work with the arts and culture sector to improve access and promote equality through in-house training, consultancy and project management. Kirsty has over ten years’ experience working in arts and disability and has been at the forefront of theatre becoming more accessible for people with autism and learning disabilities. She worked as Access Manager for the Society of London Theatre and Theatrical Management Association, advising on access and inclusion for the UK theatre industry and across the West End. Kirsty also worked as Access Manager for the Unicorn Theatre (London) and developed a flagship Access programme which established the theatre as leaders in the field. She works as a consultant and trainer for organisations including: National Theatre, Ambassador Theatre Group and Cinema Picturehouse. In 2013 Kirsty ran the successful national Relaxed Performance Project, working with the Prince’s Foundation for Children & The Arts, which aims to provide access to creative, safe and inspiring public theatre performances for children with special needs, including Autistic Spectrum Conditions and/or learning disabilities and their families. Kirsty is also a trained in both Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and Captioning (for deaf and hard of hearing audiences).


ia logo no border (1)Include Arts – Making the arts accessible for all

We offer training and consultancy for arts organisations, improving access to the arts for disabled and marginalised audiences.

Our creative development work with theatre companies aims to make their work more accessible for learning disabled audiences and we are artistic producers working on specialist performances and access developments including Relaxed Performances and Concerts. Diversity improves creativity so we are promoting the creative case for diversity.

We are specialists who understand the needs of the arts and cultural sectors and the needs of disabled and socially excluded audiences. Our experiences working in theatres, museums, galleries, cinemas means we understand issues such as funding trends, physical limitations in listed buildings, programming and scheduling. This means our advice is current, relevant and can have a direct and immediate impact.

We improve audience figures and provide strategic and successful audience development and diversification. We do support projects – when a targeted approach is appropriate to raise awareness or skills in a certain area – but we predominantly focus on making permanent changes to working practice.


What we do

We are specialists in access for disabled audiences and in developing an inclusive and diverse organisation.

We work with cultural organisations to improve inclusion and access to the arts for everyone.

We do this through training sessions, access audits, consultancy projects and as artistic producers.

Why we do it

We are aiming to increase tolerance across all art forms and remove barriers to culture.

We believe that making art accessible for all benefits everyone and helps to effect a wider change in society of tolerance and inclusion.

Our job is to make people like us redundant.