We like to provoke discussion at our conferences and open up the floor to debate.

Below is a fairly large list of links to articles about everything from accessibility to race and gender equality to the Arts Council.

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B&NES Cultural & Creative Review – an important read about the future direction of Culture in B&NES


The bigger the better? Sizing up the Arts Council’s Intentions – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Why People in Theatre Need to Support Each Other More Than Ever – Simon  Jay, Blog Post


How theatre is adapting to relaxed performances – The Stage Newspaper

Survey to gauge accessibility of theatres to blind audiences – The Stage Newspaper

Refusing limits: Why the government must fund disability arts – The Guardian

Jenny Sealey: ‘Drama schools aren’t embracing the talent of disabled people’ – The Stage Newspaper

Mickey Rowe: Autistic actors’ differences are our strengths – The Stage Newspaper

How well do theatres cater to disabled performers? – The Stage Newspaper

Theatre is less diverse than other creative sectors – report – The Stage Newspaper

Adrian Lester calls for ethnic diversity quotas on screen – The Stage Newspaper

Equity Tightens Grip on Casting Diversity – The Stage Newspaper

Madani Younis: ‘Diversity quotas in theatre are tragic’ – The Stage Newspaper

Selina Thompson: ‘I want to challenge how we talk about diversity’ – The Stage Newspaper

Peter Bazalgette: Diversity is industry’s ‘single biggest challenge’ – The Stage Newspaper

Susan Elkin: Embrace inclusivity – The Stage Newspaper


New theatre group for women awarded £30k – Salisbury Journal

Women Centre Stage event hears ACE call for action on equality – The Stage Newspaper

Jatinder Verma: Equality in theatre must not only be about actors – The Stage Newspaper

Lucy Kerbel: ‘Gender equality is everyone’s duty’ – The Stage Newspaper

Jude Kelly claims gender equality is “still a dangerous subject” in the arts – The Stage Newspaper


Equity chides all-white Trevor Nunn production at the Rose – The Stage Newspaper

Trevor Nunn defends all-white Shakespeare cast as ‘historically accurate’ – The Stage Newspaper

Trevor Nunn’s all-white cast is ‘historical revisionism’, says Tanya Moodie – The Stage Newspaper

Sir Trevor Nunn’s stance on diversity is dangerous – The Independent

Christopher Eccleston argues only white, male, middle-class actors get to play Hamlet on the London stage – The Independent

Stanley Wells: ‘White actors should be allowed to play Othello’ – The Stage Newspaper

Steven Berkoff attacks ‘no-go zone’ for white actors – The Stage Newspaper

Making theatres more social can also make them more profitable – The Stage Newspaper

Why are we so prudish about making love on stage? – The Independent


Are ethics and activism becoming luxuries for arts organisations? – Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, The Guardian

To the theatre born: why babies need the arts – The Guardian

Theatrical surprises: good for audiences, essential for artists – The Guardian

Artists must think more about who their audiences might be – The Guardian

We shouldn’t be such snobs about people seeing Hamlet for Benedict Cumberbatch – The Independent


Johnny Harris: This is England star says the actors’ party circuit is ‘a sham’ – The Independent


We Think Culture Matters. Do you? – The Arts Council England


How Culture Can Help A City Rebuild After Tragedy – TED Ideas


UK theatre ‘afraid to take risks for fear of losing funding’, says Belarus Free Theatre director – The Stage Newspaper

Playwrights in Britain ‘censor their own work to avoid losing funding’ – The Independent

NYT radicalisation play axed amid cries of censorship – The Stage Newspaper

Isis play writer and director turn on NYT in censorship row – The Stage Newspaper

Jerry Springer creator Richard Thomas hits out at censorship in the arts – The Stage Newspaper

School’s Spamalot censorship for homosexual themes is senseless – The Stage Newspaper

Censorship of the arts in India and New Zealand – The Stage Newspaper