Tracy Sullivan – Trowbridge Arts & Wiltshire Arts Promoters

Tracy Sullivan – Trowbridge Arts & Wiltshire Arts Promoters

Tracy Sullivan has worked in the arts in Wiltshire for over ten years. Having been involved with community arts since the age of 12 she began working professionally in the industry at the Arc Theatre Trowbridge, a receiving venue on the campus of Wiltshire College. Having joined the team as a part time Marketing Officer Tracy went on to be Director spending a total of 6 years learning many the many ropes needed to run a small venue.
Tracy went on to to be the manager of WAP (Wiltshire Arts promoters) an organisation which worked to bring together those who were working in the arts across the county and find ways that the arts ecology could be made stronger by working together. There was a particularly onus on the funded organisations committing time and sometimes money towards activity and projects that would benefit the wider ecology. There hasn’t been any paid posts within WAP for a couple of years but it has recently launched a website aimed to promote Wiltshire’s thriving arts offer. do take a look and add your events!

Tracy is now the Director of Trowbridge Arts an Arts Council funded project she wrote to bring professional performance, visual arts and workshops to Trowbridge which she is in her third year of running. Tracy was also a founding member of the board working to develop Trowbridge Town Hall into a centre for arts and culture.

Tracy is a self confessed evangelist where partnership working is concerned and can often be found tweeting #togetherwecan so I’m sure will have plenty to share on ‘bridging the gap’.


trowbridge-arts-logoTrowbridge Arts

The Trowbridge Arts team is built up of a mixture of volunteers and local arts professionals, dedicated to delivering high quality professional arts events to the community of Trowbridge and the surrounding area.

Director: Tracy Sullivan

Arts Administrator: Rachael McDonald

Visual Arts Coordinator: Fiona Cassidy


We rely on the support of volunteers to support events, distribute posters, flyers and brochures and to get their friends and family to come to see our events. Please get in touch if you would like to join our volunteer team for Trowbridge Arts and the Arts Festival.